Abortion Reversal Pill

APR, Abortion Reversal Pill

We have medical professionals available to discuss APR with you in a confidential, supportive, non-judgmental environment.

Our goal is your health and wellbeing. Our staff won’t tell you what to do. We are here to provide all-inclusive information to assist you in making the decision that is right for you, at no cost to you.

We are currently a referral service for APR.

SouthWest Options is a pregnancy medical clinic with professional medical staff and advisers who are here to ensure you receive the highest quality care. We provide a judgement-free zone for you to confirm your pregnancy and get informed about all of your options. All appointments are completely confidential.

For more information about our free limited obstetrical ultrasound examinations, call us at 952-938-4496 or to schedule an appointment, click HERE.

We do not provide or refer for abortions.